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A Few SEO Tips For 2014 to Make Your Website Get Great Internet Presence

Just two more months to complete this year, It is time to think of some useful SEO strategies for 2014. In this blog I want to discuss a few SEO tips that you should know about to give a successful internet presence to your website.

  • Write relevant content that will attract readers and make them share it with others.

  • Let your title tags be as natural as they can, don’t use more than two commercial keywords in the title tags. Never get penalized for over optimization.

  • Write ‘readable’ and keyword rich Title and description. Try to include your brand name wherever possible.

  • Use SEM rush to find out which keywords your competitors are ranking.

  • Make sure to set up Google+ for your business.

  • Be sure that your internal linking strategy is effective.

  • Make use of the disavow tool regularly and effectively. Disavow all the harmful links.

  • Use all the social media connections effectively. Include social sharing buttons.

  • Don’t build huge number of links to your site within a short span of time; this will definitely produce negative impact.

  • Be sure to track errors on your page using Google products like Google webmaster tools.

  • Using relevant software, crawl your website and look for errors and remove them.

  •  Share at least one blog a week to keep up the freshness of your site.

  • Make sure to link back your website with all branded social media sites.

  • Do host all the blogs on the sub folder i.e. website.com/ blog and not host them on a sub domain i.e. blog.website.com.

  • Check and remove all broken links.

  • Make sure that 404 error page and 301 redirects are in place.

  • Hire local translators to translate content if you are going to translate content for international SEO.

  • Make sure to add interviews to the website from someone who is popular in that industry. This will draw a lot of traffic.

  • Check for bounce rates of your website. If you have many pages with great bounce rates, it can prove to be negative to your website.

  • Be sure of sharing any piece of content on Facebook. This will help your website get greater visibility and internet presence.

SEO is fun as long as you use it effectively and ethically. Be as creative as possible and go for the best SEO practices.