Beware of SEO analysts who say they can guarantee SERP rankings

We see many ads on the paper from SEO firms that they can guarantee SERP rankings. They assure that your website’s name will appear on the first page of Google searches. Don’t believe them. No one can give this guarantee. There are many reasons for this. In this blog we will discuss all these issues and also discuss what an SEO analyst should do to win the trust of clients.

  • No one can guarantee SERP rankings: Read general guidelines from Google. If some SEO agency claims to have 'special relationship' with Google or if they promise 'Priority Submit', never ever believe them. Google never encourages all these tricks. The only way to submit your website is to add URL or the sitemap. Don’t get carried away with false promises.

  • Google constantly brings out updates: They are very secretive about what they do. The recent Hummingbird is one such update. Google was secretive about this till September 27th. Every update is a step taken to give importance to quality websites. Your website should have Quality content, Quality inbound/outbound links, Good speed, easily readable code and relevant details.

  • With Google constantly updating their algorithm, SERP ranking has become a great challenge. We should be constantly aware of these updates and check whether your website fits all parameters set by them.

The above said reasons will make you understand why should not believe any SEO analyst who makes false promises.

What should an SEO analyst do?

  • Don’t ever guarantee SERP rankings. You may get sued for making false promises.

  • Be honest and transparent in what you do.

  • Make a task list in collaboration with the client and let them know what you are planning to do.

  • Be knowledgeable. You should be able to answer queries. Have parts of Google Webmaster Tool guidelines saved. Read them carefully.

  • Be trustworthy.

SEO is a continuous process. Keep working and practice ethical SEO.