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What is online reputation management?

It is a practice of monitoring a reputation of an individual or a company on the internet. Although associated to ethical grey areas of a business or an individual, it also speaks about positive issues like how to respond to clients’ complaints and use online feedback to increase business efficiency. This concept holds true for all industries including dental health care.

Building a good online reputation for your service is a Herculean task. As a public service provider, you will have to face dissatisfied patients, an insurance company issue or pricing issues which may prove to be a dampener to your business.

With the exponential growth in internet and Social media, these issues can be voiced and made public, thus making your online reputation take a nose dive. Many of the dental practitioners are ignorant about the negative effects of an online presence. Here are a few steps to take before things take an ugly turn:

Get a website developed:

Get a website designed and developed for your dental practice that will add credibility to your business. Have a relevant logo and brand image to improve credibility. This will build a strong online reputation.

Create a social profile:

Create social media profiles and keep them updated. Using these websites you can be in touch with your patients and others. You can post some of the latest treatment methods that you have used, answer some of the queries of your patients and get in touch with your other colleagues. This improves your online presence.

Post Reviews/testimonials on your website:

These are tools available in the market that will help you to send review request to all your patients. This method will help you collect all the positive and negative reviews as well. Go through the negative reviews and do the needful to rectify errors, pacify patients and build a strong on line reputation. Positive reviews can always be posted on your website.

You may be a beginner in dentistry or a popular dental practitioner, all your need is a well designed and developed dental website to keep you at the top of online reputation.