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Don't make payment processes difficult in an ecommerce website.

With online business becoming more popular, it has to be borne in mind that online payments need to be easy and flexible. Statistics has proved that many customers have refrained from online shopping processes due to difficult pay in procedures.  In this blog, let us discuss how online payments can be made easy in ecommerce websites.

1. Give the users many payment options: Allow users to make use of credit card, debit card and net banking. Find out what other payment processes are favored and try to add them.


2. No compulsion on creating an account:  Don’t compel the visitors to create an account and then place an order. No one is interested in creating another user ID and password. Especially new users will find this to be painful. Make the payment process as easy and enjoyable as you can. You can even ask the customers to create an account after ordering a product or service.


3. Ensure seamless transactions: Online transactions should be seamless without any laggard.


4. Make users give only essential information: Don’t make users fill in an endless list of information. People get frustrated if all unnecessary information is asked to purchase a product. A recent survey has told that people avoided online transaction because of this.


5. Showcase all security measures:  Reassure your clients that you have provided all security measures like SSL (Secure Sockets layer) certificate. Be PCI SSC (PCI Security Standards Council) Compliant.


6. Give a clear process of all online transactions: Don’t make the users get confused about what to do next. Add details like ‘continue to shopping’ ‘continue to check out ‘apply’ ‘close’ etc.

If you follow all these above tips you can really make your ecommerce website work seamlessly for you. Follow these tips and make your customers enjoy online shopping.