Five Important Steps To Make Blogs SEO Friendly

Are you a blogger? DO you write blogs for your websites often? Then care should be taken to make these blogs SEO friendly so that your website ranks first in SERP. In this blog, let us discuss the 5 important strategies that you should follow while writing blogs.

1. Choose the right keywords and optimize them:

            Choose some relevant keywords and use them naturally in your blog. Don’t ever stuff keywords and make them look unnatural. For example if you are writing a blog for air conditioning sites use feature rich keywords like ‘air conditioning services or ‘heating repair services’ ‘air conditioning maintenance’ so that when people actually search for such services, your website will be shown first. Don’t ever over optimize.

2. Get back links:

            Search engines will rank you higher if you give back links to your website. The more the back links for a website, the better it is. In a blog, don’t give more than two back links.

3. Make use of keyword rich image tags:

            Use image tags instead of just images to get better SERP rankings. It is true that just images are not viewed by search engines, but keyword related image tags will definitely give better results. The crawlers of the search engines will crawl this code and give a better SERP rating to your website. See to it that the words you choose for images should be keyword related and at the same time describe the images too.

4. Have a well formed sitemaps:

            The site map is very important to any site. The site map helps the spider of the search engines to reach all the contents of your website and make your website rank better.

5. Choose a proper URL that is SEO friendly:

            Choose short, simple, easy to remember, descriptive URL for your website. Generally visitors don’t get impressed with long URL’S

Blogs have become a powerful media for sharing information with others. They give a better online presence to the website if written SEO friendly. So follow these simple measures of Search Engine Optimization and make your blogs a valuable treasury of information.