How Can LinkedIn Drive Traffic to Your Website

All businessmen spend sleepless night only on 2 factors i.e. traffic and conversion. It is here that integration with LinkedIn plays a major role. In this blog let us find out what you should do to bring more traffic to your website using LinkedIn.

  • Great an awesome profile:

The profile is a mirror that reflects what you are. It is but natural that people get attracted to creatively built profile. The better the profile is, the clearer picture you give to your audience. Create a professional profile. The more qualified you appear the better it is to attract people.

  • Add more 1st degree connections:

The more the 1st degree connections are the better it is to drive traffic. You should at least have 500 1st degree connections.

  • Share contents often:

Don’t just create a profile and remain idle. Write contents and share it on the ‘sharing’ page. Make sure to update your status at least once a day. This will make more people read your content and visit your website through links.

  • Become a member of a targeted group:

Choose a group of your choice or profession and become a group member. Some groups of LinkedIn have more than lakh members. Become a part of the chosen group and share your articles, blogs and links with them.

  • You can even create your own group:

If a common group is not available, create your own group. Make other business owners join your group. Share messages, resourceful articles and blogs with them.

  • Make full use of the blog app:

Add the blog app to your profile. This helps in displaying all the recent blogs on your profile. This will definitely give a professional touch to your profile.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to bring more traffic to your website. Make full use of it and enjoy the benefits.