How Can You Optimize Testimonial to add more credibility to your business?

Testimonials play a curial role in adding credibility to the business and negate fears of fraudulence. In this blog, I want to discuss the how you can optimize the testimonials so that the clients believe what they see.

Choose a good location for the testimonial:  A testimonial should be so located that it comes directly under the customers’ scan. It is advised that testimonials are placed next to or near ‘Purchase’ “Call to action “or “Add to Cart “ button. Once the customers decide to buy, definitely they would like to find out how others have benefited from your services.

Long Vs short Testimonial: Long or short testimonial is not an issue at all. Some customers express their feelings in a better way and some may not. If you deliver simple services, may be your customer will say “I was happy with your services” but if yours is an Ecommerce website offering complex services, then they will write long testimonials.

Add a Rating Scale: A rating scale gives an immediate and clear picture of what your clients think about the products and services. This is of great help to those customers who scan the sites quickly due to time crunch and take instant decisions. Rating scale is definitely a form of testimonial.

Geo Targeting Testimonial: This offers great advantage. This can the done by asking the client give zip code, city place and country. If a customer knows that the testimonials are from someone belonging to the same city or place he will be definitely impressed.

Add Logos to the Testimonials:   A Testimonial without the company’s image or logo is worthless. If you add the relevant images or logos then this conveys the right message. Validate the testimonials with right images or logos.

Based on the testimonials, it becomes very easy for you to judge what kind of services attract more customers and give you an insight of how to serve better. Integrate testimonials with your website and increase business efficiency.