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How can you optimize your blogs and make them SEO friendly?

All of us know that blog is a powerful tool. The more blogs you publish, the better it is to build brand awareness, prove your expertise and generate leads to your organization.

From the SEO point of view, blogs can help you in many ways:

1. Enable more crawling: The more blogs you publish the better ‘crawling’ your site gets which will enable it to appear on the first page of SERP ratings.

2. Brings more traffic to your website: If your website’s home appears on the top of SERP ratings there more visitors will rush to your view your website.

3. Generates social signals and attracts links

It is not enough to just write blogs and post them. You should know how to optimize them. Let us now discuss the most important blog optimization features to improve SEO.

1. Organize and archive content using good pagination: Don’t post all the blogs on a single page to scroll. It is not a user friendly approach. Page the blogs properly. If this is done then it improves crawl depth and the search engines will find your content easily.

2. Add Related Links: Add related article links at the end of the blog posts to improve findability. Keywords in the text and internal links will definitely improve the findability.

3. Previous and next post links: By adding these links you make it conducive for the user to spend more time on the site and push overall user engagement and satisfaction.

4. Categorize Property: Organic searches can become effective if you classify your blogs.

5. Add relevant Title tag and article tags: This will make your blog SEO friendly.

6. Add social buttons: By doing this you are sharing your content with social platforms. Customers will find your content quicker and this enables business boost. The sooner your context is found, the better it is indexed. See to it that these social buttons are visible.

Follow these simple steps of blog optimization and make them as SEO friendly as possible.