How important is 'Above the Fold' in websites design?

Above the Fold is a term that originated in the newspaper industry which refers to the content that is on the top half of the page and is visible when the paper is folded. This page usually contains some important headlines and features. Similarly in web design too, we use this word but the meaning is slightly different In website design ‘About the Fold’ refers to the that part of the web page that is visible without having to scroll. This area depends on the screen resolution. This 'Above the fold' part of your page plays a vital role in your website because this is that part of the page that falls on the radar of the visitors who visit the page. How can you well optimize it? What should go into this? Here are a few strategies.

Your Logo: This should be displayed clearly because it adds credibility to your website. You can also include a tag line.

Strong site navigation: Have well organized content put into appropriate boxes so that the users can easily navigate into the site.

Call to action button: This feature bridges the gap between the visitors and the service provider. This has to be prominently laid so as to encourage users to take some action.

Social media link: Being customer centric is the need of the day. Add social media links and integrate them with your website to have a strong customer base.

Contact us details: Don’t forget to add phone number and email id to this part of the web page. This will help your customers contact you immediately if they want your services.

‘Above the fold’ plays a critical role in giving relevant information to the users. Take care to add all those features which will definitely make the website easily reachable and understandable.