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Useful snap guides to promote your mobile applications

You would have created a mobile application for your business and you will have to take necessary steps to publicize it. You have to talk to friends, family members, acquaintances and others to spread the news. You can even spread the world through Face book, Twitter or a simple website created just for your business. Are you aware that a Snap guide can be very beneficial to you? In this blog let us discuss what Snap guide is and how beneficial it can be to promote mobile applications.

What is a Snap guide?

It is a free iOs apps and web service using which we can create and share step by step ‘how to’ guides. The users can use this app to create their own guides to show and discuss information about your project. They can even talk about how good their services are and give instructions on how to use their services.  This guide can be shared with the Snap guide community.

If you want to promote your mobile application you can use Snap guide. You can create a video about your mobile application, guide them how to use them, tell them how beneficial it can be to them and also tell them what other services that you offer.

What are the benefits of Snap guide?

  • It is a good fast growing platform.

  • Achieved a triple digit growth in 2013.

  • Guides are simple and easy to understand.

  • Makes the usage of app very easy.

  • Each guide title is limited to 50 characters.

  • Each guide step has 200 characters.

How to create a successful snap guide for your mobile application?

  • Choose an intriguing title to attract visitors.

  • Choose a convincing first slide so that visitors will proceed to see your guide.

  • Choose an appropriate title of 50 characters.

  • Add a short summary and benefits of all the services provided.

  • Select and add appropriate photos.

  • Keep the guide simple and comprehensive.

  • Lastly publish the guide.

Snap guide reviews each submission approves it and makes it to appear on their website. Once your guide appears on the website then you can promote your mobile app by adding a link to your website with the text ‘Check Out Our iOs Guide’. You can also add this link to the Facebook. Snap guide is like any other social media site. There will be many users who will like your guide, use them and benefit from them.

Of course there are many ways to promote your mobile app and Snap guide is one of them. Both consumers and users will benefit from this. Have a guide made and benefit the most.