Is Social Media Marketing Really Beneficial?

Social Media Marketing refers to a process through which we bring more traffic to your website and give a clear focus to your website with the help of these social media sites.

When a reader comes across interesting content about a business or an individual, he or she shares it with others on the social media sites like Twitter, Face book and Google etc. When corporate news spreads, it might not give immediate tangible benefits to the business, but gives a long term benefit of branding and credibility to the company.

I have come across many blogs stating that Email marketing is better then social media marketing. In my opinion social media marketing helps to build credibility and trust which will give a big thrust to the business in the long run.

Social media marketing is not a direct sale strategy. As soon as seeing a tweet, a post and a comment, people will not immediately a run to you for a business. The more positive comment tweets and posts, the better the trust. Let us now discuss what the benefits are:

  • Brand Building: Branding definitely plays a major role to give a sense of reliability to the business. This pulls more visitors to the page and further increases the profitability of the business. By giving a clue of what you do and answering questions with diligence, you build the branding of the company.

  • Community Building: By becoming a part of the Face Book community and Tweeters, you build a community. You take part in discussions and forums, give and ask feedback. This builds a strong community with whom you can share your goals. This community will support you in all your business endeavors.

  • Trust building and credibility: SMM helps you build credibility to your business. People know who you are and what you do and this helps in building a business.

  • Traffic Pulling: Using SMM strategies, it becomes a little easy to pull visitor to your page. When someone posts a comment, when somebody Tweets about your business, your business gets a good internet exposure.

I feel that one should increase their presence in Twitter, Face Book, Google+ etc and benefit from it in the long run. Have patience, your business will definitely improve through Social Media Marketing.