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It Is Your Choice - WordPress or Joomla

WordPress and Joomla are the two most important and popular tools of Content Management System. In this blog we will discuss the pros and cons and strength and weaknesses of both the CMS tools.

Popularity: If we take statistics it appears that WordPress is more popular because of its user friendly features. WP does not demand any technical knowledge from its users. Any non programmer can use it independently. Joomla has been introduced much later and it demands more learning curve from the user.

Developing templates and themes: There is no big difference while developing templates and themes. Themes of WP are designed with a specific purpose, while Joomla themes are developed with versatility. WP does not give importance to design but Joomla gives the designers the much preferred freedom to design a theme.

Customization: WP uses plug-in specially created for blogging type websites while Joomla offers much variety. Find out the core functionality of your website and choose whichever is suitable.

SEO advantage: As far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, WP is better than Joomla. The wide variety of plug-in offered by WP proves to be very SEO friendly.

Community Building: Joomla’s support forum is mind blowing. Surprisingly WordPress lacks this initiative.

On the whole both of the CMS tools have their own advantages but the most important point to be noticed is what the company’s requirements are. If you are developing a site rich in content choose WP and if you are developing a complex site then use Joomla. It is your choice. Choose the right CMS tool to suit your requirement.