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Magento Developer How to select the best?

Are you a business man wanting to develop an online business? Have you opted for Magento, the brilliant, easy to use ecommerce CMS platform? This is of course is a brilliant choice! Now what is more important is to choose the right Magento developer. If you think that this is an easy task, then you are wrong. Do a Google search and you will get around 6 million results. Oh my god! This is crazy. What will you do? Just pick one and give the job or just select the one that is the cheapest. The choice is yours. In this blog, we will discuss how to choose a good Magento developer for your job.

  • Choose a developer by keeping the requirements of the project in mind: You don’t need an AK47 to kill a mosquito. A swat bat will do. Similarly, if you are a small businessman wanting a simple website, then you need not go in for gold level service provider. You can select a simple one and complete the job. If  you want large catalog, complex business features and seamless online transactions to be added then go for a gold level service provider who will do a thorough job.

  • Check the portfolios: Any Magento developer will feel proud to display their work. Some display them as ‘Our Work’ some as ‘Our Competency’ and some as ‘Our Portfolio’. Check the portfolio and decide whether they are capable of doing the job you require them to do.

  • Have one to one discussion: Don’t just end your discussion over the phone. Meet them personally and find out how well they can serve you. Ask him whether they have a well laid out plan for your project. Find out what experience they have, check whether they have the professional knowledge. Spend quality time with your developers and find out how qualified and friendly they are to finish your project on time.

  • Be sure whether they have understood what you need: You may need SEO optimization, social media integration and seamless online transactions. Explain your business well and see to it that it is understood well.

  • View the developers’ site: Every Magento developer will have a website where he would have displayed services, testimonials, feedback, research news etc. View the website well and find out if they are credible enough to do your job.

  • Check on the price: Find out how much they are going to charge for their services and see to it that you get for what you have paid. Don’t accept any slip shod job. When you fill up the request quote be meticulous.

Magento developers are experts in completing the job. Choose the right one and enjoy the benefits.