Some web design mistakes that you should definitely avoid

Every day someone starts a new business. Every minute a new website gets designed. On browsing the internet thousands of websites can be viewed. Some are awesome while some get easily neglected. Why? The main feature that attracts visitors are web design and contents of the web page. In this blog, let us discuss what web design mistakes that you should not do.

  • Bizarre font sizes and poor readability:
  • Some websites use font sizes that are not conducive, resulting in the users not able to read the contents easily. Don’t make reading the contents of your web page a pain. Use mild colors and correct font size to provide enriched reading experience to the visitors.
  • I’ll structured and unorganized content:
  • Content plays a crucial role in either making the website successful or making it take a nose dive to oblivion. Don’t just put blocks and blocks of contents to fill pages. No visitor will be interested in reading extensive, meaningless and Ill structured content. Create contents that are apt, well structured, up to date and laid out well with relevant headings, sub headings, keyword optimization and structured paragraphs.
  • Bad Navigation:
  • Readers who come to the web page should be able to find what they want easily. Don’t clutter the page. Use concise text, remove dead links and remove all features that will confuse the visitors.
  • Un User friendly Registration forms: Don’t ask the users to fill in millions of details in the contact form. Ask for minimum required information.
  • Unnecessary animations and images: Don’t fill the website with unnecessary animation and images. They should be used to make the website attractive and not otherwise. Animation when used properly can be awesome, but when created for the sake of it, can prove to be painful to the readers.
  • No white space, cluttered pages: Some expert web designers in their keen interest on creativity create so many designs and clutter the pages with no white space. These white spaces are like breathing spaces. Create them and let your website breathe.
  • Back ground music? No way! : Don’t ever have a back ground music to your website. This reduces the business efficient look and feel of the website.
  • Testing: Don’t bring any website live without testing for errors. Test whether your web design is a responsive one, so that the website can be viewed in all devices. Check whether there are any other errors.
  • Is search box necessary? : Of course yes! Keep a search box which visitors can use to search relevant information.
  • Unfriendly Horizontal Scrolling: This kind of scrolling is completely avoided by modern web designers.

A well designed and structured website can enhance business efficiency and pave road for better ROI. Get an awesome website designed and enjoy the benefits.