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The art of choosing a good website Builder

You may not know the technicalities of web Design and Development. You may not have an idea of HTML coding. Yet you can create a website using the Website Builder Tool. These websites may not be as effective as the one created by an expert Web Designer, but will serve the purpose. In this blog, I want to discuss what a website builder is and what the different features of such sites are.

What are Website Builders?

These are easy to use tools that help a novice create a website. There is a wide array of  tools that are available in the market that help you or any person build a website making complete coding and editing unnecessary. Even if your computer literacy level is zero, you can easily create a website that is attractive and fully functional. These tools come with reliable hosting package too. These websites can give information on products, showcase a blog, integrate eCommerce functionality and help you organize a text or content.

The important features of a Website builder:

  • These website builders come with relevant design tools, CMS and Search Engine Optimization features.

  • They provide user friendly interface.

  • They have pre designed templates with different styles which you can use according to your requirements.

  • Each of these tools may offer different functionality. Some may have attractive photo galleries and some will enable plug-ins for musicians and performers.

  • You can choose your color scheme, layout and font size.

  • Becomes very easy to incorporate blogs and other features.

The advantages of Website builder:

  • Easy to use. No technical knowledge of creating a website is needed.

  • Works out to be cheaper.

  • Web Hosting features come free.

  • A wide array of website templates available to choose from.

Disadvantages of Website Builder:

  • Does not provide enough flexibility. Since all features are pre defined, a customer cannot add any other feature, cannot customize any website and cannot be modified.

  • You cannot control the site. You cannot enhance the look and feel of the site to suit your needs.

  • They generally come with hosting control that might not suit you.

Just like a coin that has two sides, every program or a tool has both advantages and disadvantages. Weigh the pros and cons and take proper decision.