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The Futuristic Vertical Search Engines

All of us know about Google Spiders and Crawlers. Do you know what 'focused crawler' is? This is actually a search tool of a Vertical Search Engine. What is a vertical search engine? Unlike general search engines, a Vertical search engine focuses on a specific segment like shopping, automobile industry, legal issues, medical and health care industry, hotels, travel etc. Indeed.com and yelp are such Vertical search engines. The ‘focused crawler’ of these search engines indexes only relevant pages to a pre-defined topic or set of topics.

The following are the advantages of Vertical search engines:

1. Highly relevant:This is the major difference between general search engines and vertical search engines. If you just type a word ‘dolphin’ is Google, you will get results starting from dolphin, the sea animal, dolphin city in chennai, dolphin service providers in Mumbai, the dolphin show at Orlando and many more. Vertical search engines are more relevant because they have fairly a good idea of what their users want. Searching for a specific topic is easy in vertical search engines.

Very advantageous for search engines: This narrows down the search space and can indirectly improve the performance and improve the accuracy of results.

Google has recently come up with a Vertical search engine named ‘Google Shopping’ and ‘Google Flight Search’. Other than Google there are many players here. Some of them are Vertical Search Works, Hakia.com, Evri.com, Blekko.com etc.

If you are an online merchant and wish to submit your feed to the relevant Vertical search engine then you should follow these procedures:

  • Give excellent data. If quality is not maintained, you will be suspended.

  • Provide readable sitemaps of good quality

  • Update the product feed frequently

  • Be on the lookout of new vertical search engines and use them to your benefit. They may prove to be a silver lining.

  • Let the images be clear and clean.

Vertical search engines are both beneficial to the users and business men who want to reap benefits. As a user, you will benefit from its specific results and as a businessman you will get the much awaited lift for your business.