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The Key Factors to Consider When You Do a Website Redesign

In this fast growing world of technology, the web design industry faces a new challenge every day. The recent changes were CSS3 and HTML5.Web designers have to adopt all these new features of technology and keep modifying the websites to suit the expectation of the customers.

While redesigning a website we have to keep these factors in mind i.e. the changes in the usage of web and involvement and interaction with social media, hence a greater expectation of the customers. Before you redesign a website ask yourself these questions’ Why to redesign’ and ‘How to redesign’ .Let us now discuss what steps to be taken before you redesign the website:

1. First weigh the current situation: Check the usability of the website and find out the features that work and those that don’t work. Work on those features that don’t work and make them as user friendly as you can. Check on the page navigation, links, redirections. Don’t tamper with those features that work perfectly. If you can make the ‘don’t work features’ work smoothly, then do it. Otherwise try to remove them completely and replace them with any other advanced feature.

2. Continuously monitor the website: Using Google analytics find out how your site is used by visitors. Find out what pages are constantly visited and also find out how long do the visitors stay on the pages. Keep an eye of sales, conversion, bounce rate, keyword selection by the visitors. If you find a setback in all these, then it is time to redesign the website. After documentation, determine your goal and then redesign your website accordingly.

3. Find out when exactly you should redesign a website: If there is drastic drop in traffic and leads then your websites design may be responsible for this. So redesign the website and make it attractive to draw visitors. Make your website responsive, so that people who use smart phones or tablet should be able to view the site. Use necessary tools to make the website responsive. Sometimes a website takes a long time to load. Modify the website so that it takes a minimum time to load.

A website needs immediate redesign when it gets negative comments, tweets and posts from the customers. The above said features are the ones that need consideration to decide when exactly a website needs redesign.

After redesigning a website follow some SEO strategies to give your website the required online visibility. Have some good SEO strategies lined up for you so that your website becomes visible online and attract more visitors. These visitors may then get converted to customers. Redesigning a website is not an easy process. Call a good and ethical web design and development service provider and get your website redesigned in the best possible way.