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The salient features of the new Web Design 2.0

With the ever changing internet world, it is expected that websites should have to move beyond giving information and some relevant images. People feel that internet should foster more interactions. The browsers should be able to share their views, edit or add more contents to a page and show their talent in the other important features of the website. This is where Web Design 2.0 comes into picture.

What is Web Design 2.0?

This name was coined by Tim O’ Reilly in 2004. The concept was then adopted, evolved and developed so well so as to create a new web design technology. Web Design 2.0 is actually the improved form of World Wide Web that includes technologies like Weblogs, social book marking, Wikis, RSS feeds, feature rich user interfaces and online web services.

This technology has the following features:


  • This allows users to edit, manipulate and retrieve data.

  • Provides a wide array of software features that attract visitors.

  • The browsers can act as readers or writers and share their views with others.

  • The web becomes a platform which supports many software programs that communicate to each other through feature rich interface.

  • Plays a vital role in creating company logos with bright color and different font sizes.

  • This provides Web 2.0 templates that are totally different from the traditional ones. They have rich graphical and navigational features.

  • Inputting the contents has changed. An excellent feature is that readers and visitors can enter, edit and write contents on a participatory basis. The contents can be shared with others.

  • Web 2.0 gives a new dimension to games website where the users can customize the games. They can also create new innovative games using the available tool. The users can share the games they have created, invite others to play with them and even sell the game to others. Games can be manipulated according to the browsers’ likes.

The Web Design 2.0 has such improved functionality that many popular software companies have started using it in their services. Changes are always for the better. Understand and adopt this new technology to have a better Web experience.