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The Top 5 Reasons to choose Responsive Web Design

Many have the habit of checking their favorite website on various devices. Imagine that you are a stock market trader. Morning you may view a stock market site on your PC. Later in office you may view the same site on your laptop. You may also do some business transactions while on the move on your smart phone. This is where responsive web design plays a major role. This is an effective way to create a website, so that it can be viewed well on all the devices.

What is Responsive Design?

According to this, any website created with responsive designs should show optimally on all kinds of devices or screen resolutions. These are actually ‘flexible’ websites that can be viewed well on all kinds of devices whether it is a smart phone, a PC or a tablet. This becomes possible due to flexible grid layouts, adaptive images and CSS media queries.

What are the advantages of Responsive Web Design and why should you go in for a Responsive Web Design?

  • This requires only one set of contents. You need not have different contents for the same website displayed on different devices. So you can save money and time.

  • You need not create different websites for different devices. Creating many websites consumes time and money. With Responsive Web Design website, the same site, when updated, can be viewed on all devices.

  • Your SEO work will not be distributed to many sites. SEO work will be concentrated and directed to only one website.

  • Any smart phone or any device will become popular. You need not worry about which device will become popular. The device that becomes popular will naturally display your website. In return, your website also will be viewed by many users, because your website will be flexible enough to suit all platforms.

  • This approach is very useful when creating ecommerce websites. The users can use this website anywhere, any time to do any business transaction.

When you choose a Responsive Web Design, choose one that is right for you and enjoy all the benefits that it offers.