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What are the top 5 SEO Mistakes One Should Not Make

Recently Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam spoke about 5 SEO mistakes that webmasters should not make. All these mistakes are small negligible ones but when committed will make a big change in SERP rankings. In this blog, I want to discuss these mistakes which most of us tend to commit, as suggested by Matt Cutts.

  • Don’t have a website that is not crawlable:

See to it that your website is crawlable, understandable and findable. Spiders, crawlers and Bots are programs that search engines use to index the content that are found on web pages. Use robot .txt file to let know the search engines which of your web pages should be indexed and which pages should be ignored. Images, flash files and other non text are not readable. For images use ‘alt text attribute’ and for videos include a written transcript so that they become visible to search engines. Provide proper links to the pages that need to be crawled. Make the contents of the webpage understandable, use simple relevant content. Make your website findable, use key word rich ‘h1’ tag. Add relevant h2 and h3 tags, bullet points and bold headlines. Follow all these simple steps to make your website crawler friendly.

  • Don’t add simple key words, add questions or long sentences:

For example don’t just add the key words ‘web design’ and ‘web development’, also add questions like ‘How to choose the best web designer?’ You may even add blogs with titles in the form of questions.

  • Don’t worry too much about link building:

Link building denotes to those actions taken that are aimed at increasing the number of quality inbound links. Once link building was given a lot of importance but now Matt feels that link building is no longer that necessary but quality contents are extremely important for a website.

  • Don’t forget to give importance to title and description:

Title and description are very important. Title tags are like the title of a chapter. They let the search engine know what the page is about. Write relevant description to tell about the services that you provide. Every page of your website should have different title and different descriptions. Don’t duplicate them.

  • Don’t proceed without knowing how Google works and the importance of SEO:

Keep yourself updated about all the algorithm changes and all the recent updates. Learn how to practice ethical SEO. This will definitely give your website the much needed recognition and SERP ranking.

These are some of mistakes that you definitely avoid to get better ranking for your website.